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your ad here for just pennies a day sinner

C o n v i v i a l
C a n n i b a l
 C   l   a   n 
i g n o r a n t
e a r
t a p e s

/\/\usic+\/ideo | Have No Place Where The Sun Don't Shine

Have No Place Where The Sun Don't Shine


 . C O N V I V I A L . C A N N I B A L . C L A N . 

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(:) A Music Video Of Sordid Sorts (:)

☻ Starving Life To Fill Up Death ☻


Starving Life To Fill Up Death
Die Virgins Music Video Aleatoric Serial

Muted Summers by Convivial Cannibal


☻Muted Summers☻

 artist:    Convivial Cannibal

  song:        Muted Summer
 album:       ∀✞⚡✞ II (201666)

 label:     Dysgeusia Records


 ( ( (  H a r d w a r e   (   c u t - u p   (   ☻V  Th33   )   p☻K Ⓐ L y p t 1 K    )   K y N d  ) ) )

 ...   free scrap metal for vermin scum fukkk like them & theirs to come up by and upon   ... 




A l  e  x  i  t  h  m  i A
:  b_y  :
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"Dedication over you and yours. That they might be ruptured, reared, raised, released, and set roaming freely away from all confining mass. Forged upon the heavy anvil, the esoteric doused in the babbling brook which is semantics. Rites are passed over by hands, ritualistic signs endow the waters with a blessed holiness. They are humble fools when possession of their ignorance is held close by perception. Them in their nothingness beam forth rays, piercing voids and casting a light as others do bones onto unacquainted pathways which before had always been mute darkness. Overcome with bliss, consecrations come and are laid before as they shall hope to liquefy and permeate downward. To leachate and collect in pools. For even in the smallest trickle a seed buried can sprout. The nectar seeping through shell, leaks upon the thirsty heart which beats outward from under eternal slumber stilled once again. Halting dry spells cast with sudden downpour. Where moments before for millennia, the dust of their ancestors whirled about on hot winds over worlds deserted of life in it's spiritual drought. Ubiquitous, desperation always hears the crackling of shriveled souls right  before it's own combustion of a spontaneous nature then sparked and shattering to every which way. Countless in all forms and places it shall spread across as ether over the voids as it has done before and thus again will rest where it once had been again for the very first time."

 -Sumguay S. Nodirl  


Send us something if your the unpretentious type. We are not accepting demos right now. Music and art are relative. So let's be relatives too. We will crash on your couch. We are not accepting demos right now. Surprise us with something and we will likely do the same. No rules. No expectations. We are not accepting demos right now. We will try and hype or write a review if we can feel it in the right way to do right by you and yours. We are not  accepting demos right now. Don't be a fucking moron. Accepting demos please be sure to have fun. Make friends. And go 'awe' a lot. We are currently not accepting demos right now or possibly ever again or ever really before. What are we saying? We are not currently accepting demos right now. Unless it's really good. How would you know? It depends on who and why the music was made for? Whom's taste in music and their intention by it's creation and purpose. You might already be a star and famous to the only person by whom the music is actually calibrated to fire upon with deadly accuracy.  Like some cockroach once said...happiness is a warm gun. Lights out.
Experimental Music Unrestricted and Without Concern to it's Place Among Time and Space After it's Creation is Called Finished. By No Means Should Ever Be Made Into A Product. If it Can Be Done to Something As Pure As Music. 
It Can Be Done To Something As Unpure As You. 
There Is A Very Good Chance
You Are A Human Barcode.
Either Way Friend.
No Thanks. But Thanks Always.
.|. D Y S G E U S I A N  H O R D E .|.
.|. 6 9 1 5  N I X O N  S T .|.
.|. L K W D  C A  9 0 7 1 3 .|.
.|. U N I T E D  S T A T E S .|.
We are not like you.
Include nada. Do what you will.
We are not whore. The 99%. 
We have no money but are rich by choice in freedom red.
There are a lot of blank faces. 
Bless you bygones. The ones with pock marks.
Buck the bullshit.
I'm going back to church with a matchbook.
At least they sing and clap.
Run as fast as they could. 
They solemnly believe they believe.
Correctly in something real.
Something more greater and with purpose.
 To give the heart a reason to struggle on. 
Beating and pumping ferociously to exist.
Recognition in the eye of strangers. 
Acknowledged by gods and their dead sons. 
In the eye of the oval void eternity. We are actually fairly pleasant and kind hearted in person.
We've been telling ourselves it's meant to be this way.
No one has ever said that out loud to the right people.
But we are and did and that's that.
What we tell ourselves constantly.
All the time.
So we can float eventually and know peace. 
If it is truth or false. 
No matter.

Happiness Is A Hollow Projection

Happiness Is A Hollow Projection (music video)
Convivial Cannibal

CON CAN CLN ◣o◥ Eat Your Twin So You Grow Up Strong ◣o◥ Music Video


:eat your twin so you grow up strong:

----------------------/\/\usic \/ideo----------------------

unanswered questioning

You ever catch yourself thinking a thing that shouldn't be thunk? Those things of the very same type you yourself would be quick to condemn others for thinking? Let alone if it were to fall out in a word or sentence, be it an intended statement or mere slip of the tongue. Would you shun them instantly? While thinking in the tone of, "Oh lordy, I would never!", is that you? When from an opened mouth ideas jump to their death casually and without a verified thought backing it. Land right spot on into the middle of a well lit source from which all present have an advantageous viewing point? Binoculars or not. Are you the type quick to point it out? Either in jested mockery or from a worried repercussion foreseen? Or even plain habit splat done without a string of recourse igniting anywhere above your shoulders? The last is excusable though exhaustible in it's moronics which I suspect are contagious and are being spread at rampant new levels of idiocy ubiquitous. If one is paying attention. But the other two respectively mentioned, if fit are you internally thinking secretly and with yearning to know such freedom from the shackles of your own pretentiousness. Does this sound like it could be your own inner delving or has been in the past at a point or series of periods? Have you ever connected the dots many times yet still they always differ? Do you enjoy crossword puzzles or puzzles over crossed words?
Consider yourself lucky. 
The 'meek' and their ill gotten inheritance are all doomed through folly.
They are of the same human condition.
They are just yet unaware.
You run ahead of the pack. 
They may just follow you.


Quickly then!
 Veer towards the cliffs.
Where those men with cameras toss rodents over precipices!

Convivial Cannibal - Armtracks Soundtrack (2016)

   ↓  Hi my name's Penny. Would you play with me?  ↓  

See a cliff? Jump.

'The Spiral of silence theory describes the process by which one opinion becomes dominant as those who perceive their opinion to be in the minority do not speak up because they fear isolation from society In social psychology, pluralistic ignorance is a situation where a majority of group members privately reject a norm, but assume incorrectly that most others accept it,[1] also described as 'no one believes, but everyone thinks that everyone believes."[2] Lack of public opposition then helps perpetuate a norm that may be, in fact, disliked by most people.'

If you see a cliff be sure to jump. 
All your friends have.
What are you waiting for?

Darkness Is A Locked Closet

.|.          .|.          .|.
. T  e  r  e .
a   e  .
.|.      .|.      .|.
 . m  n  s  t  e  r  s .
.  w  
h   i   c   h  .
.|.     .|.     .|.
w   i   L   L  .
.   L    i     e   .
 .  .  . 
-+-    -+-   -+-   -+-    -+-
.|.          .|.          .|.
 . m .
.  u   n   d   e   r  .
.|.       .|.       .|.
s .
.  a   n   d  .

.|.      .|.      .|.
t  e  n  d  e  r  .
s   k   i   n   s  .
. . .


behind   bright  lied  smiles
shadows   lye  terribly  shaped

. . .
 ~    ~   ~  ~   +   ~  ~   ~    ~
~    ~   ~  ~   +  ~  ~   ~    ~
. . .

Convivial Cannibal [] Der Doppelgänger [] Original Version [] Music Video []

Do you pray often for it all to end? But without yourself remaining and everyone else getting the great boot of death's boney toe? And will you smile when you watch this? These are questions which want to be known though time is a restrictor of all such inquiries of near non sequitur wonder. Purposefully? With intended malice? I'm beginning to suspect this may be the case. But that's where my head lives. It's very cloudy up there.

You a grinner boy ? 
or: a gaudy gal of sorts ?

Fock Fulk we shall call it. (Nope we won't do that.)
Better than horseshit. (I guess. i kind of like hs.)
Unless you some sort of scatological type or something? (Nope.)
Hey it's your shit show. Smear it where you want to. (Said, nope.)
Any who and which old way, to any and all of you smiling fellers
Way pass what passes as a smirk
 Though just above what counts as a smile.
We ask you...
Did you eat shit before or after to get that grin that wide?
Are you in need of a Tetanus shot quick like because you got the lock jaw?
Huh, slim?
Which one is it?
 Isn't it?
 Don't answer that.
We wants it to be a surprise.

☞ ♨ ☜