Convivial Cannibal [] Der Doppelgänger [] Original Version [] Music Video []

Do you pray often for it all to end? But without yourself remaining and everyone else getting the great boot of death's boney toe? And will you smile when you watch this? These are questions which want to be known though time is a restrictor of all such inquiries of near non sequitur wonder. Purposefully? With intended malice? I'm beginning to suspect this may be the case. But that's where my head lives. It's very cloudy up there.

You a grinner boy ? 
or: a gaudy gal of sorts ?

Fock Fulk we shall call it. (Nope we won't do that.)
Better than horseshit. (I guess. i kind of like hs.)
Unless you some sort of scatological type or something? (Nope.)
Hey it's your shit show. Smear it where you want to. (Said, nope.)
Any who and which old way, to any and all of you smiling fellers
Way pass what passes as a smirk
 Though just above what counts as a smile.
We ask you...
Did you eat shit before or after to get that grin that wide?
Are you in need of a Tetanus shot quick like because you got the lock jaw?
Huh, slim?
Which one is it?
 Isn't it?
 Don't answer that.
We wants it to be a surprise.

☞ ♨ ☜