unanswered questioning

You ever catch yourself thinking a thing that shouldn't be thunk? Those things of the very same type you yourself would be quick to condemn others for thinking? Let alone if it were to fall out in a word or sentence, be it an intended statement or mere slip of the tongue. Would you shun them instantly? While thinking in the tone of, "Oh lordy, I would never!", is that you? When from an opened mouth ideas jump to their death casually and without a verified thought backing it. Land right spot on into the middle of a well lit source from which all present have an advantageous viewing point? Binoculars or not. Are you the type quick to point it out? Either in jested mockery or from a worried repercussion foreseen? Or even plain habit splat done without a string of recourse igniting anywhere above your shoulders? The last is excusable though exhaustible in it's moronics which I suspect are contagious and are being spread at rampant new levels of idiocy ubiquitous. If one is paying attention. But the other two respectively mentioned, if fit are you internally thinking secretly and with yearning to know such freedom from the shackles of your own pretentiousness. Does this sound like it could be your own inner delving or has been in the past at a point or series of periods? Have you ever connected the dots many times yet still they always differ? Do you enjoy crossword puzzles or puzzles over crossed words?
Consider yourself lucky. 
The 'meek' and their ill gotten inheritance are all doomed through folly.
They are of the same human condition.
They are just yet unaware.
You run ahead of the pack. 
They may just follow you.


Quickly then!
 Veer towards the cliffs.
Where those men with cameras toss rodents over precipices!