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Send us something if your the unpretentious type. We are not accepting demos right now. Music and art are relative. So let's be relatives too. We will crash on your couch. We are not accepting demos right now. Surprise us with something and we will likely do the same. No rules. No expectations. We are not accepting demos right now. We will try and hype or write a review if we can feel it in the right way to do right by you and yours. We are not  accepting demos right now. Don't be a fucking moron. Accepting demos please be sure to have fun. Make friends. And go 'awe' a lot. We are currently not accepting demos right now or possibly ever again or ever really before. What are we saying? We are not currently accepting demos right now. Unless it's really good. How would you know? It depends on who and why the music was made for? Whom's taste in music and their intention by it's creation and purpose. You might already be a star and famous to the only person by whom the music is actually calibrated to fire upon with deadly accuracy.  Like some cockroach once said...happiness is a warm gun. Lights out.
Experimental Music Unrestricted and Without Concern to it's Place Among Time and Space After it's Creation is Called Finished. By No Means Should Ever Be Made Into A Product. If it Can Be Done to Something As Pure As Music. 
It Can Be Done To Something As Unpure As You. 
There Is A Very Good Chance
 You Are A Human Barcode.

Either Way Friend.
No Thanks. But Thanks Always.
.|. D Y S G E U S I A N  H O R D E .|.
.|. 6 9 1 5  N I X O N  S T .|.
.|. L K W D  C A  9 0 7 1 3 .|.
.|. U N I T E D  S T A T E S .|.
We are not like you.
Include nada. Do what you will.
We are not whores of the 99%. 
We have not money but a lot of blank faces. 
Bless you all with the fucking pox.
Buck the bullshit.
I'm going back to church.
At least they sing and clap.
And believe they believe in something real.

We are actually fairly pleasant and kind hearted in person we've been told.

No one has literally ever said that.
But we are and that's what we tell ourselves.
(All the time)